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Paint Your Way Into A Beautiful Day

Paint your way into a beautiful day! Inspiration for your Artistic Journey


Plan - Create - Learn - Grow - Discover - Dream and Share using PINTEREST

Entering the world of Pinterest?

Watch out. Enter at your own risk. Your world may never be the same.

It's a discovery process for whatever makes you tick.
It could be anything. It may surprise you.
Interests you never knew you had suddenly stirs up excitement in a new hobby or an urge to redecorate your home, to give a new spin to what you already have or revamp your closet and come out a whole new you.

Well, here are a few words of comfort on what you can get out of pinning away and the wonderful things Pinterest can do for you.


So sit down, relax, and have some cookies. I promise you'll feel better after this.

       Source:  etsy.com  via  Diane  on  Pinterest       



Source: etsy.com via Diane on Pinterest



Get your creative fix.

It gets your creative juice flowing.
You can get carried away on your river of possibilities.
Sparking inspiration moments and indulging in your creativity bliss.
It keeps feeding your creative mind and wanting more....
Gives you a platform to express what you are passionate about.

A Springboard to other things.

It can start a chain reaction to discovering your inner artist, your inner child, your inner blogger....

Keep your dreams alive and visualize.

Use it as a virtual vision board for each area of your personal and business life.
It's a visual reminder of what you're all about.
It keeps your dreams alive...and it gives you hope.
It's a good motivation tool, and sometimes, all you need is visual stimulation to make it happen and helping you focus on your goals and dreams.
Having a collage of photos and quotes that you can look at everyday to keep you inspired and motivated. Pinterest is very powerful for putting forward your vision board and making it happen.
Start creating wishing boards. Having a wish list is a great way to keep your dreams alive. Pinning images that speaks to you and puts a smile on your face.

Plan and Organize Your Projects.

What a place to gather crafting and design ideas.
Design ideas for your perfect creative workspace

Handy tips to keep it all together.

Let your creative mind wander.
Start gathering material for your projects
Use your secret boards to plan a surprise party, wedding shower or baby shower.

Start A Collection. 

Indulge yourself in a collection of whatever piques your curious mind.

Start as many collections your creative heart wants.
From a Shoe collection to die for to a collection of Barbies to a collection of Vintage Bowling Pins to....???.. Well, you get the picture....you can really get carried away.
Now, how often can you do this without spending a dime?
It's a win-win situation.
You can start a string of collections of all kinds.
It doesn't take any space in your home and it's free and you can still adore your little treasures.
(And no need for embarrassment about what you find the need to collect, just use your secret boards)

Pin and Relax Time.

It's a good stress management tool as well.

It relaxes you.
You get lost for hours admiring beautiful pictures and words to think about.

Feel Good All Over.

It can put a smile on your face.It may even make you cry tears of joy or give you lots of belly laughs and make you appreciate the little things in life.It may wake up a childhood memory or just give you a road map to memory lane.

Get Some Retail Therapy. 

Use it to chase your blues away by faking your retail therapy, the Pinterest way, without breaking the  bank. (Or could be a cure for a shopaholic) Create a board just for your imaginary shopping trips.

Closet Of Your Dreams.

You can have the closet of your dreams without spending a penny, if you love shoes or purses or any type of fashion accessories you know what I mean.

Home Sweet Home. 

Start building the home of your dreams.

Inspiration to carve out a special creative space in your home.Go on an organization spree and organize everything.Give new life to an old piece of junk you've found in the attic.Endless possibilities to spruce up any room in your home.

Go On A Treasure Hunt.

The fun of discovery and of finding little treasures along the way.

It's like going on a treasure hunt (or a garage sale, or going to the thrift store)
You never know what you're going to find.
It's almost like unwrapping a special gift.

Surround Yourself With Things You Love. 

This opens the door and invites things you love in your surroundings. It pleases your sense of style.

Show Off Your Talent. 

You can use it to pin your own creations. You can have your own showcase to promote. Show off your designs, your creations and your art.

Something To Blog About. 

It can inspire a topic to blog about.

It can spark your writing.
Use it to inspire others.
Use it to get inspiration, ideas and topics to write for your next blog posts, and while you're at it as a marketing tool for your blog (a good way to make your blog post travel).

Hello Randomness! 

You get exposed to randomness. That's the beauty of it. You suddenly find something you're interested in that normally would have never crossed your mind. This is a workout for your creative mind and rocket fuel for your imagination.

Learn Something New. 

Pins full of tidbits of information and factoids worth learning. Handy tips and advice you can use.

Travel The World. 

It's your passport to any destinations ...Visit museums, go back in time, and enrich your world. It's quite fascinating.You can let your mind wander and get lost in another world. I call it "going on a Pinterest field trip".

Go ahead, let yourself go.
It's a maze of discoveries.
Use it to put together your dream vacation escapes.

Follow Your Interests And See Where They'll Take You. 

One pin will take you to another pin, to another pin, and so on.

You'll find like-minded soul (and pinners) and be amazed that there are other people out there just like you.
You may actually find yourself. The more you browse the more likely you'll discover what makes you tick.
Idea Generator Machine - Use it to brainstorm.

On a quest to finding what excites you. 

Juggle all of your senses. It's good for your soul. The more you pin away the more likely you'll go in a trance and be more receptive to new ideas. It puts your creative thinking in high gear, which in turn puts you in a 'feel good' state of mind.

Help! I'm Pinning And I Can't Stop. 

Why oh! why is Pinterest so addictive? I don't know.


Pinterest is between you and your pins.

You can choose to share or not.

You're not asking for feedback or comments.

Who cares? They're your boards, your pins, your expressions and you can do whatever you want with them.

So you see, pinning on Pinterest is not a waste of time. It's special time you take for yourself, to exercise your creative mind and to hone your visualization technique.

There's an endless list of what you can do with Pinterest to spruce up your life, activate your creative mind, awaken your passions, bringing alive your collections and along the way having lots of fun pinning and sharing with your Pinterest buddies.

Pinterest, is an explosion of ideas, creative solutions, motivation spurts and moments of inspiration all waiting for you to grab. It's a bulletin board of possibilities. It can make you dream a better life, a better you.

Yes, I do love my Pinterest and I'm sure you do too (or you will after reading this).

So tell me, what do you get out of Pinterest? What else would you like to add to my list? Thanks for your comments and sharing this list.
and Have Lots Of Fun Pinning!