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WHY YOU SHOULD BE BLOGGING ABOUT SOMETHING (OR NOTHING): Find the joy of blogging and yourself along the way...

You've probably asked yourself at one point or another, why you feel the need to blog and share it with the world? As you're throwing yourself out there in the land of blogs and keep doing it over and over wondering where all of this is taking you?

You may wonder what's so great about blogging anyway? What's the big fuss about?

Or you're probably getting the blogging jitters and not quite sure if you want to give it a go since you're barely keeping your social media sanity in check between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.



And now you're thinking about blogging! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?

There's a bunch of reasons why you blog, why you want to blog and why you should blog.

YES! YES! YES! There's so much you can get out of blogging.

Here are a few words of comfort to think about, which will surely make you feel eager to grab your iPad or laptop and let your fingers tap dance all over the keyboard and sing your own blogging tune.



You learn about yourself. Blogging could be the road map to your self-discovery journey. It may revive excitement on a topic you're passionate about and wake up a talent you didn't know you had.. A chance to express yourself and help you come out of your shell (Oh, what a cute little turtle you are!)

A magnet to attract your kind of people. Make new friends. Start recruiting your tribe or join one. Build a following and happily share ideas with like-minded souls. You're in good company.

Embrace the learning curve. Immerse yourself in all the ins and outs of running your own blog. It keeps you on your toes, giving your brain a workout not to mention making lots of synapse connections. It gives you a reason to stay up to date with the new technologies you need to keep up with, otherwise you'll get lost real quick. The more you blog the better you get at it. Who knows you may become a blogging expert and help other bloggers get a grip on it.

It's a scrapbook of your many stages of life. You'll have lots of fun reading your own blog telling you where you were at, where you are now, and possibly where you'll end up. It can get very interesting looking back, however embarrassing. But seriously, it's a good way to chronicle your growth, your accomplishments, your progress, your self-discovery voyage and periodically look back on it reflecting or laughing yourself silly.

Feed your curiosity. Going on never-ending Google expeditions for finding something to write about and helping you spruce up your blog. What a maze of exploration fun. It's a life learner's dream come true. How did we ever manage without Google? I can't imagine spending 14 hours a day, everyday, in a library, like in the good old days.

Busy as bee. Something to look forward to. Comments to answer, topics to come up with, content to research and create with lots of ideas to share all while you wear your creative hat and try to keep it all together. It's like a full-time job except you work for free, but the benefits are endless. You can never get fired and you can do it all in your underwear. What a dream job! Now all you need is a raise.



It's your livelihood to play in. Exploring your livelihood options. Who knows, you may make a few bucks along the way. What a great place for strutting your stuff and making some money, Chi Ching...$$$. Showcasing your services and growing your client list. And what fun you'll have entertaining your audience making them laugh or cry. You may become a blogging star and in demand for speaking engagements. It could be a life changing experience. You never know what's waiting for you around the corner. You could be pleasantly surprised. You may discover you have some kind of talent after all, and someone out there is willing to pay for it. And think, you could be laughing all the way to the bank.

Practice. Practice. Practice. Looking for your writing voice. Yes, you've got one. It just needs to come out to play and exercise. Put it to work with blogging. It gives you a chance to play with words and research all kinds of fascinating topics you want to explore and best of all, you get to share it with the rest of us. Probably making you a better reader, listener and of course, a better blogger.

It's a word, it's a page, it's a chapter, it's a Super-book. It's a good breeding ground for coming up with all kinds of interesting topics to explore and write about. Your blog may become  a treasure box of content for the book inside of you. It's in you to write and share.

Do you need blogging therapy? Looks like I do. It's like talking to someone who cares. It's cheaper than a shrink. It's a friend that's always next to you hearing you out. It's a good dose of self-medication and can help you snap out of a depression. Blog your pain away. Let your blog bring joy to your day. Don't you feel good already?

Yap and yap about what you want to yap about. Splash crazy on each of your post and run with it. I promise it will keep you busy for hours and a lifetime. Sometimes it'll feel like no one is listening, but does it really matter.

Juggle your creative mind. It keeps you in a creative zone, after a few hours you get into a trance. It's a real trip! Now, don't you be getting flashbacks riding the magic carpet. And time flies when you're blogging away. What are you waiting for? Unlock your creative blogger and let it run wild. You've got the key, use it.

What a difference a blog makes. Make it count every time you press the publish button. Maybe someone out there, who's actually reading your blog, will find inspiration from your words of wisdom. Maybe you'll get someone excited about taking the plunge into blogging and on the road to their own self-discovery road-trip. Go ahead! Reach out and blog someone.

Golden Bloggers. It doesn't matter how old you are. Keep blogging and keep those fingers ticking. Being part of the electronic culture keeps you young at heart. So keep blogging till you kick the bucket. And what a great souvenir to leave to your friends and family. They'll laugh for years and you'll be the fun at every party.

It's between you and your blog. Watching it grow and evolve. It's your baby. It maybe an ugly baby (probably is) but it's all yours and you really want to show it off and be proud of it. Grooming it for the world to see. It's takes a lot of precious time and patience. However tempted at times, don't neglect your little blog. It needs your special touch. Remember, it's the little blog that could. Bring its quirkiness out of the closet and pretty soon it'll take care of itself.

Ah! All the wonderful gifts blogging can bring you.

Yes blogging is lots of fun. No need to complicate it. Just go with your blogging flow and see where it will take you.

It's your blog and you get to blog your way.
Who cares! You're running the show while blogging in your underwear.