I want to paint, and paint, and paint some more. I paint everyday. I explore everyday. I discover everyday. I play everyday. My Soul depends on it... ~ Diane Liberty

WHY I PAINT Draw/Scribble/Doodle

I paint because it makes me feel good. It's my direct line to making sense of everything in life.

I paint to eliminate the confusions, to appease the disappointments, and to quiet my mind. It's my personal conversation between me and my soul.

It comforts me. It flushes out the negativity that may creep in from time to time.

I lose myself in the process.

I splash paint on anything I can find just for the pure joy of it. 

The wonder of it all. Just letting go and see what happens.

The unknown keeps me coming back for more. Time sits still and I'm completely immersed in my art. I am floating on my emotions. It's my lifeline.

It's like a good workout for the soul.

"Let your curiosity motivate your determination... and feed your inspiration...to make something out of nothing" ~ Diane Liberty

I understand now, it's a celebration of  my soul. That's why I paint.

"Making ART of any kind is a gift to one-self. You owe it to yourself to create" ~ Diane Liberty

I hope my journey inspires you to explore your own artistic adventures. 

Sharing my art, my progress and my creative process keeps me in the motivation zone.

Every painting has a little bit of me in it. It comes from the heart. Enjoy!

Till next time, Paint Your Way Into A Beautiful Day! Diane